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SP Mittson’s The Wandering Star by NuVoice Press lights up the bookworld, trailer!

In a world that seems to be overwhelmed with the pallor of gloom, romantic fiction fantasies seem to be the perfect escapist treat. No wonder then, that female fantasy writers inspired by the ancient Indian myth and mysticism are getting acknowledged by publishing houses. SP Mittson is the latest addition to the list of popular epic fantasy authors. Her book The Wandering Star: The Shifter’s Trance Series Book 1 launch was housefull with the trailer having crossed a million views. 

Mittson, a 32-year-young bookstagrammer with an amazing real fan following, began her storytelling journey with her stories and quotes on social media. An MBA in finance and an extrovert, Mittson loves traveling and gaining new experiences besides dancing, painting and listening to people’s stories. Being a writer seemed to be another form of creative expression when what she wrote more than struck a chord with her audiences on social media.  Thus, The Wandering Star, a fiction fantasy from NuVoice Press with a relatable protagonist set in an intricate, one-of-a-kind magical world evolving with a transformative personal journey came about.  

Says Mittson, “we live in a world of fantasy – epic Indian stories that transcend generations. My father always used to tell me mythical and mythological stories. My brother felt I was a creator with a wild imagination. My friend woke me up at 2 to want to know my next chapter once I started penning the book. And here I am!” 

Speaking of the book, the Wandering Star stars Eloise Hector, the princess of Murkwood, who has always been hidden and suppressed was born with a mysterious glitch. When her mother dies in an accident, she loses control over her powers. Unintentionally, she shifts her friends to Shadowland— a moonless realm of hallucinations, with shadows lurking in the clouds of mist—clueless about how to rescue them. Kayden Parsons is an obnoxious jerk who thinks of himself as the King of the Murkwood. When he finds Eloise in trouble, he offers his help, knowing she considers him her nemesis.

As they join forces, sparks fly, aiding Eloise in harnessing her powers during a thrilling and mystic adventure filled with tension and flirty banter. Together, they must find a way to thwart the Forsaken and rescue her friends from the darkness of Shadowland before it’s too late.

Says Mittson, “I totally connect with Eloise Hector, the suppressed Princess of Murkwood with a mysterious glitch and how she harnesses her powers while experiencing a thrilling and mysterious adventure and in the process, emerges a true hero.”

Expresses Bestselling Author and Founder of NuVoice Press Kevin Missal: “Humans are relational creatures at their core and crave a forever bond with another being whom they can trust, share our deepest secrets, our scariest moments and our darkest wicked fantasies. We seek that special someone who will fulfil our secret desire to be loved and never betray us.

“Women authors have their knack to breathe life into such beloved fictional characters that look into the secret rooms of the heart and love you anyway. These romances provide every reader a fairytale adventure and an epic ending to a great love story. 

“SP Mittson takes the viewers to a parallel universe, the other world that we know doesn’t exist but still seduces you to lose yourself in it.” 

Adds Nagma PK, CEO of Foster Reads, that believes in fostering connections with people through books and reigniting the joy of reading: “When you are weaving stories, the biggest success is when others love your tales. I am very glad that NuVoice Press brings to the world such storytellers. We need more happy endings.”