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Few leaders in the fast-paced business community are distinguished by their extraordinary vision, tenacity, and influence across a range of industries. One such icon is the esteemed Chairman of the SKUN Group of Companies, Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab, who has not only guided his organization to unprecedented heights but also received multiple important honors in recognition of his exceptional achievements to both business and society.

Under Chairman Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab’s smart leadership, the SKUN Group of Companies has an array of businesses that all contribute to the group’s overall success: from Auto Fine Lubricants Exclusive and SKUN Real Estate to SKUN Business Promotion Hub and Al Fatha Furnishing & Decors, the group has made a name for itself in the international business world.

Throughout his tenure as Chairman of the SKUN Group, Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab has proven creativity, tenacity, and a dedication to quality. The accolades he has received reflect the group’s success as a whole as well as his accomplishments. He has received numerous honours, including the coveted Bharat Samman Awards from the Sheryas Foundation. This award emphasizes his influence outside of the corporate world and acknowledges his noteworthy contributions to society and business.

In 2019, Chairman Nawab received the prestigious accolade of being named the Businessman of the Year, a title that highlights his outstanding leadership skills and exceptional business expertise. This acknowledgment emphasizes his capacity to navigate the intricacies of the business landscape and guide with forward-thinking vision.

In 2022, SKUN Group and its Chairman, Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab, were honoured with the S Boss Best Corporate Event Supporter award by S Boss Events, acknowledging their commitment to corporate events and collaboration. This recognition underscores the group’s devotion to cultivating significant connections within the corporate community.

Additionally, City High Life Magazine bestowed the Business Award in 2022, acknowledging SKUN Group’s innovative practices and strategic initiatives that have distinguished them in the competitive business environment.

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chairman Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab received the Social Services Awards COVID Times for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to community welfare. The Business Books Awards 2021 acknowledged his influence as a thought leader in the business world. In the automotive sector, Chairman Nawab earned the Auto Fine Sales Award for his success. The Achievers Awards celebrated his positive impact on the business community. In 2023, the SLGGRC Council Award recognized his exemplary leadership. He was also named Young Entrepreneur of the Year and received the H P Lubricants Gold Medal and Awards for Auto Fine Exclusive, solidifying his position as a leader in the lubricants industry. Chairman Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab conveyed appreciation for the accolades and attributed the success of SKUN Group to the commitment of its skilled teams in diverse ventures. He reaffirmed the group’s dedication to upholding standards of excellence, fostering innovation, and fulfilling social responsibilities.

As SKUN Group flourishes and contributes positively, Chairman Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab remains committed to propelling growth, encouraging innovation, and delivering enduring value for stakeholders. About SKUN Group of Companies

SKUN Group of Companies, spearheaded by Chairman Syed Karamath ULLAH Nawab, is a diverse conglomerate. Emphasizing excellence, innovation, and social responsibility, the group has solidified its presence across multiple sectors, including business promotion, furnishings, automotive, healthcare, and beyond.

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